Intrusion Alarm Systems

Commercial Intrusion Alarm Systems in Raleigh

Intrusion alarm systems are often a business’s first line of defense against unwanted intruders. For businesses in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill communities, Network South is the preferred intrusion alarm installer. Our certified technicians have the experience to not only install commercial security systems, but provide you with the details to make sure you get the most out of it.

By personalizing every business alarm system according to the specific space and needs of the owner, we ensure that the intrusion alarm system is:

Selecting a commercial intrusion alarm system for your business is a huge step towards greater peace of mind and well-being. Call Network South in Raleigh today at (800) 948-9914 for the very best intrusion alarms in the area.

Security your Business can Trust

By having Network South install an intrusion alarm system at your business, you work with the partner countless businesses have trusted throughout the Raleigh area. Every premium intrusion alarm system we install works in conjunction with:

  1. Access control systems
  2. Video surveillance equipment
  3. Existing cabling

With additional optional features like lighting control and motion detection, there is truly no better choice when selecting an intrusion alarm for your business. Not only will Network South’s technicians install the system, they will personally walk you through its operation, answer questions you may have, and make use of existing systems to prevent unnecessary installations.

When superior service means taking an extra step to ensure the customer is satisfied, you can count on Network South. Complete a contact form today to start the conversation. We will help you decide what intrusion alarm system is right for your business and provide next steps to a safer, more secure future for your commercial property.