Industries that use Network South’s Business Phone Systems

Network South is a specialty business phone system provider to many industries throughout the Raleigh-Durham area.

Typically, the types of businesses we work with incur daily high call volumes and require a reliable telecom solution that supports new features like:

  • Remote call forwarding
  • Video display
  • Wireless handsets

Network South can provide you with the products that match your technology needs and integrate seamlessly into your operations.

Please explore the industries we specialize in and give us a call at 888.302.0434 to discuss how we may help you achieve more efficient communication!


Today’s automotive dealers and service repair shops must have the ability to reliably communicate across a number of departments instantly. Efficiency is everything. Additionally, it is important that there is access to call reporting, customer history, and mobile applications as well.

Automotive businesses live by the success of their customer service. Network South’s goal is to provide you with a business phone system that allows you to best serve your customers. Learn more about automotive business phone systems.


Hospitals, doctor offices, and other medical centers demand telecom solutions that not only provide reliable call service, but support internal patient management as well.

Maintaining information security is the first step in developing an effective hospital phone system or healthcare communication method. Network South delivers first-in-class capabilities to its partners in the healthcare field, complete with patient data management and storing.

Learn more about automated phone systems for doctors’ offices.

Transportation & Professional Service Companies

Network South is an experienced connections company with the ability to bring reliable collaboration to your transportation or professional service company.

Typically, these companies require a business phone system that can connect dispatchers to many employees or customers, where mobility is optimized and call routing is necessary. We understand how speed in execution can turns an average workday into a stand-out performance in the transportation industry.


Law offices generate a call volume that requires the use of a reliable business phone system. Not only does a unified telecom solution enable the workforce to function more efficiently, it is a necessity when deadlines and remote call-ins happen.

To connect your law office with a telecommunications company experienced in serving the legal industry, contact Network South today.


Schools and universities rely on telecom technology to connect teachers, administrators, parents, and students. Integrating new capabilities like mobile applications and video conferencing into the daily communications of educators enables them to achieve more.

Network South has worked with schools and institutions of higher learning of all sizes to deliver affordable, dynamic communication to educators across the Raleigh-Durham area.


Technology companies in search of a business phone system that can keep up with their operations can find a personalized solution from Network South. Our experience in working with IT clients has taught us that they are looking for telecommunications that can be updated and built upon as new technologies emerge.

Our telecom solutions for tech companies often include web video conferencing, mobile integration, and cloud compatibility.
To begin experiencing the benefits of a reliable, advanced business phone system, please fill out a brief contact form or call us at 888.302.0434 today!