VoIP Phone Systems – Business Communications Solutions in Raleigh, Greensboro, & Beyond

Seeking to maximize the efficiency of your business phone system? Look no further. VoIP (voice over IP) hosted phone systems provided by Network South use voice over IP technology, allowing telephone calls to be made over an IP network. VoIP phone systems offer:

  • Advanced call management features
  • Voicemail to email
  • Central communication system
  • Merge phone and data resources
  • Flexibility: field calls away from the office

Mitel MiCloud Office

Network South offers MiCloud Office solutions from our partners at Mitel. MiCloud Office is a dynamic phone system that can help your business communicate more efficiently, respond more quickly to customer needs, and perform your daily functions more effectively than you ever have before. With MiCloud Office, the limitations of yesterday’s business phone systems are gone. MiCloud Office is:

  • Cloud enabled- The Cloud has the ability to grow with your business. Everything you need is easily accessed from wherever work may take you.
  • Mobile- MiCloud Office was built to keep you connected at all times. You can take your business with you and access what you need using any device.
  • Productive- MiCloud Office simplifies communication and saves you valuable time. It is easily deployed and user-friendly, which virtually eliminates a learning curve.

Note: we can also sell other Cloud providers if needed. 

Enhanced Business Phone Technology across NC & Southern VA

Making the switch to a VoIP phone system provides business owners with a variety of features that other phone systems don’t support. Supplement your communications systems by providing your employees with the capability to have e-mail-like UDs for contacts, easy sharing of contacts and enhanced voice application programs. Our VoIP telephone systems can help your organization:

  • Employ communication services designed to meet the performance and value metrics of your company
  • Provide solutions optimized for the Mitel family of products
  • Unify all traditional wired communication systems with wireless communication services
  • Utilize cloud-based offerings to provide ultimate coverage from a single-source provider

Since 1994 business owners have relied on Network South for enhanced commercial telecommunications systems. Our VoIP Phone System is an affordable and feature-rich phone system that can help your business communications thrive. Not only is a VoIP hosted phone system provided by Network South reliable–it’s affordable too. So if you’re looking for an all-inclusive phone system that eliminates the need for highly specialized IT staff, turn to the professionals at Network South. We’re proud to provide a variety of services including: carrier services, network infrastructure solutions and even video surveillance.

So if your North Carolina or Southern Virginia business is looking to increase operational efficiency with VoIP phone systems–first look at the type of phone service you’re using. Contact Network South today to increase operational efficiency. We offer a variety of business solutions to commercial clients in Apex, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Oxford & beyond.